Overriding & Mineral Royalties

Royalties bring intrinsic value to our funds, boosting cash flow for our partners. Owners of subsurface minerals agree to lease development contingent upon maintaining mineral rights as an industry standard. Royalty owners will receive checks as long as wells are producing, bearing no costs to drill or maintain the wells. Production checks are paid to the mineral owners directly from the purchaser with no field expenses deducted and all costs passed onto the working interest owners. Royalties are desired by industry investors because of consistent cash flow and superlative value throughout development. 

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When it comes to mineral royalties, our company has an enormous advantage over many of our competitors. We work with strategic partners will the ability to obtain data not typically available to the public. Our network allows us to gain access to supreme deals that, not only are difficult to acquire, but passing extreme due diligence processes by experienced mineral professionals. Many of our tracks not being developed by our company are in near distances or are already leased by major, multi-billion dollar public companies. If you have an interest in getting more information about mineral royalties or other offerings, please click here or fill out the information form below. 

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