Mineral Lease Ownership/ Carried Lease Interest

Porter Green is a wholesaler for oil and gas interest with other oil companies and industry partners. It is through this channel that we purchase mineral leases as well as offering options for development. Contracting working interest to outside oil companies, in turn expediting field development. The structure of our funds allows our partners to receive both lease distributions being contracted from any company drilling on our acreage in conjunction with carried interest for wells drilled. This offers cash flow to partners potentially yielding a revenue stream that can increase returns through field activity. 

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Most oil and gas development companies do not own the surface or subsurface rights of the properties they are developing. For this reason, these companies must either purchase those properties or lease the mineral rights. Land owners typically don't want to sell all of there rights, therefore, a lease is put in place. The mineral lease process has become a common standard of doing business for many of the states with mineral resources available for developers. Our company works to obtain leases that, after stringent due diligence, has become a prospect for profitable drilling projects for our company and its partners. In purchasing or negotiating a new mineral lease, we work with our investors and/or other companies to raise capital to obtain mineral rights. In return for capital investment, our company structures options for those particular partners to receive carried working interest rights in wells being developed on the lease/leases. Mineral lease ownership can create an incredible opportunity for short and long term cash flow returns. If you are interested in more information, please click here or fill out the form below. 

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