Mineral Royalties

-We believe there is nothing more valuable in the oil & gas industry than mineral royalties.

-Royalties have no drilling expenses and limits risk of cost overruns.

-Royalties have the potential to increase substantially over time.

-Royalties allow investors to receive cash flow from oil & gas production.

-The mineral royalties we buy is usually leased to extremely large private & public companies.

Real Estate

-Tangible assets to secure capital investment.

-Purchase distress or under developed assets to increase value and capture profitable margin.

-Multiple Units to create several streams of residual income & hedge risk.

-Hold for long term to take advantage of any possible appreciation.

Vacation Resorts

-Develop a unique location centered around a large volume of tourism.

-Give guest experience and multiple amenities to add value for both visitors and alternative income options for investors.

-Create a Brand and build additional locations to increase value of the resorts over time.

-Increase occupancy and develop strategic marketing to force higher prices and returns to investors.

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Investors must have a net worth of over $1 million or an individual income of over $200k a year.