Alternative Investment Strategy

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Asset Based

We target tangible assets that allow us to secure capital value and hedge against inflation. These assets include oil & gas royalties, multi-family real estate, commercial properties, vacation resorts, and venture interest. We choose assets that have incredible upsides and real growth potential. We are proud of our product as many of our investors have told us our product is not only extremely attractive but is unlike anything they’ve seen from our competitors.

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Experienced Management

Our professional experts in our network have proven to be invaluable to our company. With decades of experience in their particular industries, we ensure Porter Green and our partners are benefiting from working with the best and most productive experts. Our management team focuses on undervalued deals for acquisition and how to effectively manage those assets to get superlative results.


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10%-20% Target Returns

Our investment funds generate residual cash flow to our partners by acquiring income producing assets. We target assets that can consistently produce income in a target range of 10%-20%. Many of our funds have the potential to exceed our targets but each fund may be very different in its design. 

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Diversify & Maximize Cash Flow

All of our funds are diversified through a mixture of several different assets. Our management team will acquire these assets from our expert buyers in each industry and will then get added to our list of undervalued assets for acquisition. Company leadership will then package chosen assets into cashflow producing funds for our investors. Once under management, through both development and increased efficiency, we focus on increasing both income and values of the assets. 

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Increase Values 

Over time, our company will create strategies to increase both the overall value of the fund as well as its cash flow performance. Porter Green’s access to private capital as well as private lending creates new avenues to increase values for our funds. This may be through new acquisitions, increased production/occupancy, updated renovations to increase pricing and income, branding and market, etc. 

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Profitable Exits

The funds we create for our investors have several different assets inside each investment. As such, these assets go through different development periods and will provide opportunities to sell certain assets at different times. The sale of these assets can be very profitable as well as maintain an income stream from other cash flowing assets inside the funds. We also have the ability to package assets from several of our funds to sell in bulk to larger investment firms and still provide management services to sustain performance for the buyers.