Oil & Gas Working Interest Production

Working interest allows investors the ability to take ownership in production of hand selected oil & gas wells outside the stock market. The working capital is used to develop, build structure to site, drill, test, complete, and bring wells online. Commercial producing wells will generate distributions and are paid out to investors directly from the net profit of oil and gas production sales. A major benefit of working interest is that the majority interest of each project is held by working interest owners. This gives them full operational control as it relates to field development. Wells are drilled, maintained, and managed by field operators at the direction of WI partners and managers. In addition to the potential for significant returns from good oil and gas producing wells, there‚Äôs a unique incentive to create tax rights off against ordinary income through intangible drilling costs. 

Our goal is to give our investors an opportunity to access our network resources and provide a passive vehicle for their working capital. The benefit of our fund strategy allows investors a centralized component to increase their working portfolio and have a competent company manage the process and grow their overall net worth. We work with professionals in their field of expertise to execute the operational procedures and control the systematic processes that keep us progressing to meet our projections. Our network of qualified experts with decades of experience and a proven track record to facilitate our expectations. 

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Working Interest not only has major benefits for cashflow and high returns from production, it also has significant tax advantages. The US Government provides incentives for investors to participate in domestic drilling projects by offering tax breaks for intangible drilling costs. These benefits help to bring even more value to the investment. For many investors in higher tax brackets, this incentive can pay for an estimated 30% + in tax savings on the capital invested. There are certain qualifications that must be met for this type of investment so please consult with a tax professional for a clear understanding before making the decision to invest. Not all oil and gas investments qualify for the tax advantages mentioned above. If you would like to speak with one of our representatives for more information, please click here or you can fill out the contact form below and we'll reach out to you directly. 

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