We are in the business of moving properties and doing it quickly. When we flip our properties, we don't just offer them to home buyers. We offer them to rental investors as well. In many cases, because of how well we buy our properties, it leaves us margin to be able to sell our homes at a fair market price. This ends up being a great deal for either a regular home buyer, a rental investor, and even a property management group. We help our any of our buyers understand the market in the area and how a particular property can be an asset for them. Inside our Real Estate funds, we have rental property strategies. For investors that are not inside our funds and purchase one of our properties, we do offer property management for a fee. We feel this can be a huge advantage for many investors that may not be local. It allows you to collect cash flow, without the headache. Many of our rental properties get marketed to be sold locally but also on other forums like the popular website "Bigger Pockets". On top of the typical renter, we also offer vacation rentals and options for bed and breakfast. These properties will be marketed with our partner companies, including Air B&B and VRBO. 

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