Porter Green takes a non-conventional approach to investing in new and growing businesses. What makes us different is our main focus of acquiring ownership in new or existing franchises. The benefit to working with franchises, or taking existing businesses and turning them into a franchise, is that they already have a proven model or formula that works. This is an important factor in limiting risk. With current processes in place, it creates a foundation for growth and essentially the benefit of unlimited potential. We work with privates investors and partner companies to pool together capital resources to increase profitability in our ventures.

A huge benefit to our partners is our network. We have a constant focus on networking and recruiting talent to our teams. Our formula is based on finding individuals and companies that are already focused in their profession. We search for people who have proven to have the skills and love working in their field. The best performers are those that have passion for what they do. These are the assets we look to bring into our network.